The heated desk pad

The WarmMat™ manufactures and delivers the heated desk pad giving you a `private heater` in the office. Never suffer from cold hands again. If you suffer from stiff or cold fingers, rsi complaints or rheumatic joint complaints such as arthritis, osteoarthritis or Raynaud's phenomenon, you can also benefit from this. Warmth has a relaxing effect, promotes blood circulation and thus muscle recovery. The heated desk pad warms up to a pleasant temperature of 35 degrees and slowly rises to 45 degrees (depending on the ambient temperature).

Place the mat with the appropriate top side (bump on the top) on the desk/workstation of your choice with a flat surface. Plug the product into the electrical outlet. The switch allows you to turn the product on/off.

You can place your keyboard, computer mouse or writing utensils on top of the product so you still have room for your hands/arms.

No more cold hands with The WarmMat™ electrically heated desk pad. The simplest and most effective way to warm your hands. The infrared heating can relieve muscle aches and joint pain. In addition, the electrically heated desk pad is inexpensive to purchase and power.

A durable ergonomic product for office employees, which can reduce sick leave.

The heated desk pad is produced and supplied by De WarmeMat™ and features an infrared heating element integrated over the entire surface, which is well insulated and complies with European safety standards.

The coaster can be connected to the wall socket (230 volts) this way by a European plug cord (2 m) equipped with an on/off switch.

The standard size is 650 x 450 mm, allowing it to be placed on any desk. Made of durable synthetic leather.

Power consumption: 46 watts.

Available in different colors, including brown and black.

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